Sandra has been teaching singing to my older daughter for years. It’s been amazing to see the extraordinary improvement in Kayla’s music. Sandra always makes the lessons fun and inspiring, and she has a vast wealth of experience to nurture talent. Beyond the technical skills, Sandra has taught Kayla to sing with her heart, to develop her own unique voice, to understand the meaning of the lyrics, to convey feeling, and to have confidence and stage presence. As a result, Kayla got the lead part in her school musical in 6th grade and I couldn’t be more grateful to Sandra for making her dream come true! 🌟 Of course, Sandra took her personal time to come watch Kayla perform in the play and that meant the world to my daughter! Seth G, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sandra is an amazing singing and piano teacher. I have been working with her for several years now and she is not only a great teacher but a wonderful kind and generous spirit and always gives 110% to her teaching and her students. I love working with her when I’m preparing to do any kind of a show. She is a consummate professional and incredibly talented in her own right. My daughters also have studied with her for singing and piano lessons and they love her too. She is so kind and patient with them. To parents looking to start their kids learning piano, singing, or both, I highly recommend her. Tasia Stern Tasia Valenza, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I was taught by Mrs.Pehrsson from 2004-2009 in Leeds, England. Mrs.Pehrsson helped me develop my vocal abilities and nurtured me to control my voice. She introduced me to proper breathing techniques that I hadn't realised existed and I learnt the difference between tones of voice. She helped me build confidence and stage presence, something so integral for a performer. Outside of singing she also encouraged me to join the choir which she had set up, in which I learnt a lot about harmonies and how a combination of voices can make such good music! I remember one time, we were deciding on a song to practise within the lessons (Mrs.Pehrsson gave us free reign in what songs we could decide to sing). I had decided that I wanted to sing a certain song; Mrs.Pehrsson hadn't heard it but willingly accepted to listen to the song on my iPod to find the chords. After one listen to the song she had the chords in her head and relayed them on the piano effortlessly. This is something that is very prominent in my memory as I was so astounded at this talent. Dane H, Leeds, UK
I found Sandra to be a kind and thoughtful singing teacher for my son Nathan ( who is autistic ) she was very patient and caring and she won him over with her positive can do attitude and warm rich voice she gave him confidence that he could sing HE still sings when the saints go marching in :) if you have a chance to be lucky enough to have even one lesson from Sandra I say go for it her positivity and love of music is infectious Brenda, Leeds, UK
Sandra has a very beautiful voice she is very encouraging and supportive. she shows you step by step how to sing the song.i really enjoyed my lessons. Intisar S, London, UK
Amazing! Super caring and really strives to help you improve vocal technique! Casey, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sandra is a great teacher and singer. She has lot of energy and passion for music. I’m a beginner and does not know how to sing nor read music, but she’s very patient. She will craft the class to suit my interest and my level, so I will be motivated. Before I took classes with her, I always feel so shy and embarrassed to sing. But she encouraged me and helped me to be more open. Its nice to work with a teacher that really cares about their student. I would recommend Sandra to everyone and every level. Mia M, Venice, CA, USA
Sandra is very energetic, patient, and knowledgeable. Not only is she a great pianist, but she knows her music theory! You'll learn a lot in a short amount of time🎹🎤🎼💓 Jessica A, Los Angeles, CA, USA
While I’ve had singing experience in the past, it wasn’t until I started taking classes with Sandra in the fall of 2016 that my voice really started to shine and take me to new places. She has taught me the correct way to reach notes high and low, without stressing my voice. After putting in the work I’m not worried about how I’m going to hit the notes because that’s coming naturally, and I’m more focused on adding to the soul of the song, the feelings and emotions. Two years later I’m still learning and improving, it was such a blessing to find Sandra. She’s an amazing teacher and friend! Noah Quisenberry, Santa Monica, CA, USA
I am very happy to write this for Ms.Pehrsson. I found myself after retirement wanting to take up the piano, which I knew would be a worthwhile challenge. I met Ms. Pehrsson at a local music store. I believe she overheard me asking about music lessons and approached me in a personable manner, which is how I would describe overall her interaction with me in teaching style. I enjoyed my lessons because she not only taught me and was consistent in showing me how to best finger the keys or arch my hand as I was reading the music, but she engaged me in music theory at times. She always was prepared to answer my questions. I would enthusiastically recommend her. Totally professional and totally accomplished as a teacher. Silvia, Malibu, CA, USA
I have a long and varied history with music lessons, across many different instruments and teachers, but Sandra is hands-down my all time favorite instructor. Singing can be an intense experience, requiring a lot of openness and commitment from the student. Sandra makes this process easy and enjoyable because of her personable, supportive, and non-judgmental approach to the work. At the same time, she is detail-oriented and pays strict attention to good technique and protecting the student's voice. Lessons with her are one of the highlights of my week; it would be difficult to overstate how much they've added to my life. ST, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Dear Sandra, 4 years ago I came to California to realize several dreams. Thanks to one of them I first knew you on facebook, hoping I could meet you and take some singing lessons one day. Then these dreams brought me from France to LA. So it was the opportunity to work together. It was a great idea indeed! First because you're a generous, shining person who knows how to pass down your passion, your emotion.. It could have been complicated for me to understand you because of the different languages but you teach with your heart, your eyes, you use body language. I learned so much thanks to you, you helped me to be more confident, to know my voice, to express emotions. You're a fantastic coach and I will never forget these wonderful singing lessons. Another dream became true. I hope it will happen again... Thanks dear Sandra. A last word about the artist, you're a great singer with the voice of an angel. A beautiful woman who doesn't breathe, but sings. Love you Sandra. Candy G, Saint-Sulpice, France
I had singing lessons with Sandra for a couple of years; she's a great teacher. She explained things very clearly, describing techniques as images and colours which I found really useful. She also explained why the exercises we did were useful for the songs I was learning and how I could apply the techniques. I appreciated that Sandra taught me how to use a microphone properly and how to deliver a performance; lessons weren't just about hitting the notes. H Preston, Leeds, UK
Sandra is an absolutely wonderful singing and piano teacher! She has endless patience, enthusiasm and passion for what she does and we love having her coach us every week. Sandi R, Pacific Palisades, CA, USA
Sandra is an excellent voice teacher who is very patient and caring and who has the student’s best interests at heart. I intended to audition three prospective voice teachers before selecting one. But after I interviewed Sandra first, I immediately decided to go with her. Her personality and style mesh with mine perfectly. I am so glad to have her as my voice teacher. Steven G, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I started adult voice lessons as a complete beginner at age 46 with Sandra. I was afraid to sing and thought I was completely off tune. Sandra worked with me patiently and helped me so much. Several months later my voice and confidence have improved immensely. Sandra is the best!! JS, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Sandra has been teaching piano and singing to our daughter Lucia for more than 1 year. She is exceptionally patient, hard working and fun, keeping Lucia inspired to learn more and practice daily. We have observed the devotion her students show her, as well as the growth they exhibit, over the course of two recitals now. Victor T, Santa Monica, CA, USA
My daughter is happy, I'm happy. Sandra is a sweet, fun and punctual. Lilia C, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sandra is a great voice teacher and I have learned so much from her Sophia S, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sandra is great. She is sweet, patient, and fun. Her technique worked for me and I like how she is open to working together on songs. I highly recommend her :) Aline K, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sandra has provided vocal lessons to my daughter for a few years. My daughter is inspired by Sandra and never wants to miss a lesson. We highly recommend Sandra as a vocal coach. Karen C, Venice, CA, USA
Sandra is a competent professional music coach and singing teacher, she has great communication skills and promotes confidence by guiding her students in a friendly non aggressive way. Her own personal talents never get in the way of doing the best for her individual students. Lynn V, Leeds, UK
Sandra Pehrsson, is one of the best voice teachers I have had. I highly recommend her. Niki, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Turning an untried, fairly indifferent eight year old into a budding musician in the space of six months is an act of sheer wizardry. Sandra Pehrsson makes it all seem effortless. With saintly patience and a viral enthusiasm, Sandra managed to flip my son's allegiances away from Mario Brothers and closer to Mozart. Her manner is gentle yet serious and she instilled in my son an abiding fascination for the harmonic geometry of the keyboard. I am endlessly impressed by Sandra's ability to make the taxonomies of music coherent to a child. Her's is the Socratic method where each idea is solidified by an amiable pattern of questions and answers. I recommend Sandra wholeheartedly to anyone interested in mastering the piano. David S, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I worked with Sandra 1:1 every week for a number of years in the UK and she made me love singing even more than I already did - if that is possible! I learnt how to harness the raw power of my voice to produce quiet intensity and more delicate notes where required through breathing techniques and increased control. Sandra's encouragement and belief in me increased my confidence to perform solo at an increasing number of events and I will always thank her for that gift. Sandra is always fun and knows how to get the best out of her students and I miss her and our times singing and giggling together like crazy. Sx Sarah Cairns, Tadcaster, UK
Sandra is an inspirational teacher and so keen that her students reach their potential. She helps people think beyond limits they may place on themselves and, as a technically excellent musician, she can take students as far as they are willing to go, musically. She is also a lovely person be around and I would have no hesitation recommending her! John Myers, Harrogate, UK
Sandra has been nothing short of excellent as a vocal teacher. She is extremely patient and always willing to take time to explain things. Furthermore, she has an excellent ear for bad technique, and when she can tell you're doing something that's not healthy for your voice, she calmly explains in detail how to improve what you're doing wrong. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. Jacob A, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I worked with 3 different instructors before Sandra. Sandra was the first instructor to take the time work on the problems with my voice tone and breathing. Sandra was able to construct lessons to resolve problems. Sandra is also very efficient with lesson time which is important since I work a lot of hours at work. Sandra cares about the progress of her students as well. I am very happy studying with her! Mark, Santa Monica, CA, USA
I absolutely love taking vocal lessons with Sandra. She is so professional and she makes you feel so comfortable. She helps you get over the psychological barriers that inhibit you to perform. She helped me so much! Her techniques are great. I highly recommend her. R. P., Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am a former singing student of Ms Sandra Pehrsson. I studied with her from 2010 - 2012 at Leeds College of Music, UK. Prior to that I had only studied classical singing. Sandra introduced me to a wide range of genres, (e.g Jazz and Musicals) advancing my technique and broadening my repertoire of music. She responded to my particular needs by finding appropriate music for my voice. She encouraged me to try many new vocal exercises and specifically helped me improve my performance technique. I was grateful for the time Sandra gave to listen to my own compositions and gave me feedback and help. Her experience in music gave me real confidence in her teaching, and her manner and nature ensured I enjoyed my lessons and looked forward to them each week. Mhairi M., Leeds, UK
Miss. Pehrsson was my own individual singing teacher throughout my schooling & higher education at Intake High School Performing Arts College, Leeds, England. As a student I always had enormous respect for her & still do to this day. Miss. Pehrsson would never force me to do anything I was not comfortable with but would not allow me to hold back either. Through her training my voice became much more controlled, I began to understand the concept of breathing correctly and took on her constructive criticism where necessary. I was often urged to improve and experiment whether it through different tones, genres of music or the encouragement of singing in the school choir. I gained so much more faith & belief in myself through these teaching methods which overall supported me with my self confidence and stage presence. Classes were very memorable, fun & creative. I was able to choose my own songs from the abundance of resources available through her and urged to incorporate my own unique style to the chosen piece. The fact that Miss. Pehrsson was so adaptable with her piano skills also meant that no song went without the perfect backing. The way in which she can improvise in this way still baffles me; she is a true musician! Personally I feel that one of Miss. Pehrsson’s top qualities is her way of creating the perfect balance between friendship and professionalism. As a tutor she was always easy to approach & understanding of any concerns; a crucial value for any teacher in my opinion. I believe Miss. Pehrsson would be a benefit to any institution & I am sure her future students will agree! Lori H, Leeds, UK
Sandra is Great! Cynthia R, Beverly Hills, CA, USA